If you are unable to connect your Tom Tom device to your computer, Tom Tom Home might not work. You need to look for the exact reasons for which you might be encountering issues while connecting your navigation device with the PC. You can opt for Tom Tom PC Live Chat and talk to our experts directly about the problems which you keep facing frequently.

With millions of users across the world, Tom Tom NV always emphasizes on developing their products with advanced features. Undoubtedly, when it comes to navigation products, TomTom has an excellent reputation in the worldwide market. Despite all updated features, technical glitches keep affecting the devices.

If you face any error while using Tom Tom maps, watches or Smartphone applications, you must not delay in finding solutions. If you ignore the problems at the early stage, it can cause severe damages to your device later. You should search for adequate services to troubleshoot issues with your TomTom products.

Stuck at the startup screen? Unable to turn on TomTom One?

TomTom One is a GPS product which is highly popular among users and brings the best navigation solutions for you. Though the device is very easy to use, users often face difficulty in resolving its issues. You might come across issues like:

  • Due to battery issues, you might not be able to turn on your TomTom one. At times the device doesn’t turn on due to internal issues.
  • If you can hear the sound from the device but can’t see anything on the screen, it can be due to issues with the screen. The blank screen is one of the most commonly faced issues.
  • There can be a problem in the motherboard of the device for which you won’t be able to use TomTom One.
  • The navigation system provides you with voice directions. Due to some issues with the speaker you might not be able to hear any sound.
  • After updating the software in your device, it often fails to operate due to compatibility issues.
  • If the battery of your TomTom device is damaged, it might fail to hold the charge for which you won’t be able to use the device for a long time.

While updating the map in your device, issues can arise. You might come across problems like:

  • Error codes and messages while updating maps in your Tom Tom device.
  • After updating the map, you might not be able to see locations.
  • You might encounter slow performance issue with your device after updating maps.

Avail Tom tom PC Live Chat Support: Ultimate solutions for every TomTom device

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